How to build affinity for smart home tech among the ultra-affluent?

How to build affinity for smart home tech among the ultra-affluent?

Acoustic Architects, the award-winning home automation team, challenged us with revamping their brand, building credibility, and taking the company to the next level.

The Question

How could we establish credibility, build trustworthiness, and show the expertise required to communicate smart home technology to affluent property owners, luxury developers, and architects?

The Findings

Findings steered us to what the discerning homeowner is seeking in smart home design. They will choose the company with a proven track record of expertise, utilization of innovative technology and an aesthetically captivating portfolio. They also desire a finished product that is seamlessly executed and polished, simplifying the environment with ease and luxury. 

Research also lead us to the code for home automation. “Magic.” Magic captures the essence of the smart-home experience. Technology has made the once impossible notion of controlling your space via simple commands, an exciting reality. 

The Strategy

“Responsive Living” was coined as the brand trademark, the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart-home technology. Responsive Living invites the client to connect with their space via systems designed for touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, placing them in total control of their home.


Comprehensive photoshoots and video production were utilized to exhibit design capabilities and portfolios with endless possibilities. 

Social Media Marketing: 

A Houzz page and blog (The Feed) emerged to direct the target audience toward Acoustic Architects’ website. The Feed speaks from a place of authority. To build credibility, show expertise, and educate the audience of current and potential clients on new technology. Additional social media marketing platforms were included to increase awareness of the company and brand loyalty. 


The addition of a networking Lounge and participation in industry events further aided in advancing recognition of the team. Presentations at schools of architecture, trade shows, and trade organizations were initiated to educate the public on smart-home living. 

Print Materials:

Company stationery and collateral materials were created featuring a sleek elegant design. The company brochure was composed of portfolio photos of past projects and accentuated with client quotes.

Team Visibility:

A page on the Acoustic Architects website is dedicated to personalizing the team. A blend of gray-scale and duotone with rich details were chosen for their photos, portraying professionalism, as well as approachability.

The Edge360 is a multidisciplinary creative team. We thrive on creative problem-solving. Magic happens when an audience feels an affinity with a brand or organization.

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