Take a fresh look at your brand, its purpose, and voice. Gain insight into your brand and its place in today’s marketplace. Discover the power that already resides there.

Gathering key leadership team members together for a full-day Brand-storming session, we will set the foundation for your brand’s revamped or new communication strategy. Additionally, brand direction, priorities, and market opportunities will be defined.

The Edge360 team will lead and facilitate a series of four carefully crafted sessions. Together with your team, we will dive into your products, services, competitors, and audience. Thus crafting a vivid picture from all the key aspects of your organization as a brand.

Learn, Define, Discover:

  • diverging and converging
  • the big questions
  • contextual market
  • empathetic personification
  • segments and opportunities

You’ll leave the day with a sense of purpose for your brand and a clear strategic direction.

All data gathered will be compiled into a report within a week of session completion.

The Edge 360’s Full-Day Brand-storming & Communications experience is based on Design Thinking methodology and principles.

Think about it:
What if your organization and brand
truly have more to say than just being
better than the other guys?

What if your brand needs more
clarity in its communication to attract
the right business opportunities?

What if your core message must be
revised to adapt to the new context
of your audience?

What if your new brand needs to
define its unique message, purpose,
and identity?

“Magic happens when your audience feels an affinity for your brand.”