Design Thinking Strategies Help German Butchers

Design Thinking Strategies Help German Butchers

Design Thinking Case Study #1: Adelbert Raps Stiftung, Germany

“Between 2004 and 2014, more than 4000 butcher shops were forced to shut down in Germany…supermarkets became the favored spot for meat-shopping. As if a dramatic loss of market share was not enough, the industry as a whole started suffering from a serious image crisis.” 

The Challenge

10% of Germans are vegetarian. However, meat consumption in Germany is relatively stable. Even so, Germany is challenged with finding young people who want to become Butchers. The importance of industry preservation lays in the production of quality meat and cruelty-free practices, as well as keeping the history of the tradition alive in general.

The major hurdle for the Adelbert group was the pushback from the Butchers they were trying to help. The Butchers simply didn’t believe that there was a viable solution so they were very resistant to suggestions for change. Due to the empathetic nature of Design Thinking, the Adelbert group considered abandoning the project altogether. They questioned the rationale for the imposition of solutions that weren’t welcome. 

However, a decision was made to press on in the search for an idea that would create success for the new generation of Butchers in Germany. The first prototype was to develop a takeaway meal program from the Butcher shops to increase traffic. It was a failure, as the meals produced were of poor quality, and the Butchers were again resistant to improve their offerings.

Back to the drawing board. The researchers again immersed themselves empathetically in the lives of their clients. They emerged with the idea of improving the practice of butchery in general which would in-turn produce a superior product. 

The Trüffeljagd (truffle hunt) was born. The event occurs in Berlin, connecting Butchers to avant-garde makers in the industry. Trüffeljagd participants get to experience products from industry startups offering free-range, sustainable, healthy options.

The Outcome

The Trüffeljagd influenced positive momentum with notable improvements in businesses and the utilization of online tools. The Butchers felt proud of their vocation again. “The Trüffeljagd now actively argues for a more transparent and sustainable meat production chain and places the Butcher at the center of it.”

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