Crafting an organic wine brand identity and the wine lovers’ expectation.

Crafting an organic wine brand identity and the wine lovers’ expectation.

Domaine Bousquet, an award-winning organic winery, originated when a family from France with generations of history in the wine industry, imported organic French grapes into the Mendoza valley, the wine region in Argentina. The result was an innovative new wine concept on a stunning vineyard. Their organic wines won numerous awards but awareness of the brand remained low among consumers.


How could we craft the distinctive Domaine Bousquet story in a way that resonates with wine enthusiasts and general consumers, to bring awareness to the brand?


Research lead to insight into the culture of wine appreciation, revealing the necessity for connoisseurs and aficionados to connect with the complex personality of the wine. It must have a story and offer insight and understanding of its spirit, to stand out in the competitive organic market.

Data lead us to the code words: “Stimulate Me”, the collective expectation of wine lovers.


It was decided that providing a vivid narrative of the unique Domaine Bousquet world and character of its wines, would be the best invitation to entice wine lovers to experience the brand’s diverse portfolio. The rich heritage of the vineyard, composed of multiple varietals, planted in lush soil at the foothills of the Andes is the perfect scene for the Domaine Bousquet story.

Utilizing responsive design, a website was created to showcase striking imagery of the winery and onsite culinary offerings. Content on the web-pages is available Spanish and English, with a blog that offers another avenue of connectivity. The vineyard’s story includes descriptions of its history, the terrain, and climate, as well as harvesting, fermentation and aging processes.

The website also directs wine lovers to Gaia, the winery’s onsite restaurant. The benefit of a world-class chef, combining organic ingredients and French cuisine, is a tempting addition to the overall allure of Domaine Bousquet. The Gaia page invites guests to sit on a patio and take in the amazing view while enjoying a world-class menu and a glass of wine.


• Built brand credibility
• Communicated the brand’s uniqueness (organic, story, personality, most awarded)
• Clarified the brand’s story
• Generated higher interest in the winery
• The website effectively marketed the winery and showcased its diverse portfolio

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