How to connect a brand with a clientele accustomed to the very best in travel?

How to connect a brand with a clientele accustomed to the very best in travel?

ExpertJet, one of the top 10 luxury private jet companies in the world for safety and service excellence, brought us the challenge of connecting their brand with their discerning target audience.

The Question

What is the most effective communication strategy to connect with clientele who are accustomed to the very best in travel and service experiences?

The Findings

Extensive research analyzed competitors, the industry, and decoded expectations of the client who prefers to fly privately. Findings revealed an underlying spirit of adventurousness among clients, as well as a deep appreciation of freedom.

The Strategy

“Your Wings Are Waiting,” portrays the spirit of freedom and adventure offered by ExpertJet.

And the code words: “Seamless Experience” sum up everything the ExpertJet brand is, a cohesive, hassle-free mode of travel, where every possible detail is anticipated in advance.


Landing page:
A private jet sits on the tarmac, facing the viewer straight on, with the message: “Your Wings Are Waiting”

Impressive Jets are displayed to show the exclusive XFleet options.

Any jet, any time. From helicopters to larger jetliners, over 500 choices are available.

Commitment to safety delivers peace of mind, and a safer way to fly.

The sky is the limit. Setting the bar with the highest pedigree of aircraft on the market.

Service and safety excellence with the AR/GUS Charter Broker Certification.

On-Demand+ Membership:
(On-Demand + and other programs offer) Exclusive benefits, trip insurance protection, and cash rewards.

The App:
An intuitive app was developed for ease of scheduling. Clients have the ability to communicate with ExpertJet in a more personal way. Notifications are delivered straight to the client’s smartphone with itinerary reminders, alerts for when the aircraft is in position, and announcements for arrival of ground transportation.

Email Marketing Campaign:
Email marketing campaigns keep clients engaged and peak their interests.


• Within 3 months, elevated to the top of google search results for charter jet companies
• Developed brand recognition from their target audience
• Higher client retention and satisfaction
• Front runner in Luxury Charter Jet travel

The Edge360 is a multidisciplinary creative team. We thrive on creative problem-solving. Magic happens when an audience feels an affinity with a brand or organization.

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