The Transformation of Rotterdam Eye Hospital

The Transformation of Rotterdam Eye Hospital

Design Thinking Case Study #2: Hospital Management Division in collaboration with several design groups, Netherlands

“Rotterdam Eye Hospital’s CEO, CFO, managers, staff, and doctors wanted to understand how their patients felt when they entered the hospital and what could be done to improve their experience…most of their patients felt afraid of going blind. Thus their primary goal should be to reduce patients’ fears.”

The Challenge

To transform the “…institution from the usual, grim, human-repair shop into a bright and comforting place.”

The hospital’s care team researched tactics in operational excellence from the World Association of Eye Hospitals and the European Association of Eye Hospitals. They decided to do small experiments to make sure they stayed true to the practice of placing their patients’ needs first and to avoid unnecessary disruptions. 

The department got a colorful modern facelift to make it more fun and aesthetically pleasing. A t-shirt program was started to match the patient with his/her caregiver. Each patient was sent a t-shirt with an animal face printed on it. The caregiver would wear a button with the same animal print. Hospital staff also go through “Eye Care Air” training to gain techniques for top-notch communication and fear reduction in patient interactions. 

The Outcome

The hospital’s innovative approach to patient care was successful in turning the hospital into a shining example. They have won several awards, including a nomination for the prestigious Dutch Design Award. Patient volume increased by 47%. Patients now heal faster and employees experience greater job satisfaction. “The hospital staff can now conduct 95% of all procedures without an overnight stay and Rotterdam Eye Hospital itself scores 8.6 (out of 10) on its customer satisfaction surveys.”

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